Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Angel Bio - Leliel : Nightingale

Angel of Night

When I first began working with angels, I started connecting with angels that were popular or ateast written about more often. The archangels in particular are a pretty common subject of writing. I delved into getting to know them. It wasn't until years later when I began looking at this type of spirit work seriously that I began to look for less popular angels to connect with. This led me to Leliel. I began connecting with Leliel when I glimpsed a new spirit in my half awake state as I was falling asleep. I was beginning the long cycle of blurry thoughts when a figure moved past my mind's eye. I started awake just in time to see this shadowy figure disappear. I returned to sleep and thought nothing  of it. The next day I began my research on who this being could be. I felt in my gut it was an angel, so off to relevant associations I went. This angel came to me in my sleep and dreams, but I don't think it meant to be seen. Atleast in as much as it didn't mind if I did notice it. I came upon Leliel and knew this name was familiar. I meditated to meet her and it has been a good relationship since.
  Leliel is angel of the night, dreams, and conception. She has a subtle and quiet energy about her. When I connect with her I am brought to stand on the top of a grassy hill over looking gently rolling fields. The sky is midnight blue and full of stars while a ghostly mist lingers at the bottoms of the hills. It is beautiful, peaceful, and mysterious. Leliel is like this atmosphere and appears from the dark like an ancient medicine man. Leliel can be called upon to help with issues involving sleep and dreams. She can also be sought for help in conception. Over all Leliel is a quiet and patient angel.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things that go bump...

There are many types of spirits. Angels are merely part of the larger group of beings that function on another plane of reality. That being said, not all spirits are friendly. And some are down right negative. When you find yourself in a bad situation with these types of spirits the best thing to do is walk away. But what if they don't leave you be?

Then it is time for some angelic protection. In all things, Michael is the #1 angel of protection. He protects against almost everything except for in-laws. Asking Michael for help is simple and takes a moment. After asking, visualize his light surrounding you and your home. Archangel Michael candle are sold in many places. I found mine at walmart. If you want an added boost of energy, buy a few and light one after dark. Ask Michael to fill your home with his energy.

Other angels for other things...

Negative Ghosts- Azrael: archangel Azrael is an angel of death. This places him in the unique situation to be able to confront the unhappy dead. Azrael is not cruel or spiteful, but ushers the dead into their rightful places.

Negative Faery/Fae- Ariel: Faery are linked very closely to nature and humans. Ariel is a force of nature in herself and is willing to move in between pestering nature sprites and people.

Shadow people- Cassiel: While not all shadow people are bad, there are some that give off that negativity. Cassiel is a protecting angel. He especially doesn't want up to be afraid or oppressed in our own homes. Call on Cassiel to deal with distinguishing what a shadow person is and how best to protect you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Celebration Spell

Spring Celebration Spell


  • yellow candle and fire proof holder
  • angel statue or paper cutout of angel
  • colorful ribbons
  • lighter
Hold the yellow candle in your hands and close your eyes. Imagine the fresh spring moving across the land. The plants are greening and blooming. The air is full of warmth and energy. The animals are awake, singing and enjoying the new sunlight. The sky is clear and turquoise blue. In this vision of spring, visualize the energy of spring as angels. They tend the grass, they fly along the breeze, they sit beside the trees, and most importantly they open their arms up to welcome the spring sunlight. They come in many colors and in many lights. See them sending their energy into the yellow candle. It shimmers with their radiant energy. 

Open your eyes and place your candle in its holder. Take your angel statue and hold it in your hands. In your mind thank the angels for their help in your life. Invite them to bring in the fresh energy of spring into your life. Set the angel down. Hold up the ribbons you have. Cut off a few strands of each color, or atleast 7-10 strands of ribbon total. Hold the strands in your hands and say,

"I celebrate this new season with color and light. May I be filled with the same."

Decorate your angel statue with the ribbons. You can add a dusting of glitter, flowers. or whatever you like. Light the candle and open up a few windows in your home. Let in the new air. If you like, you can do a little cleaning or meditating. Set your angel in the sunlight when possible to soak up the light.   

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is Sprung

With spring in the air, finally, I feel ready to celebrate the new growth. A lot of changes have happened this winter that I am glad to say have finally settled in. Spring is my time to renew. I have needed it. I am still writing towards my book. It is a process that I am hoping will bear fruit by the end of the year.
I just finished an illustration project for the Ancient Egyptian Daybook that should come out in August if not before. I am very excited to receive a copy. Another older illustration will be featured in a book on fairy tales later this year.
I know the angels are looking out for me and I look forward to more interactions as the fresh energy of the season pours in.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Angel Love Sigil

"May love bloom into the light of the angels"

Tomorrow is a full moon on Valentine's. This is a great time to call upon the angels as your matchmakers. If you need a friend, lover, or a spouse they can help guide you to an appropriate partner. 

  • fire proof bowl
  • dried lavender (for smooth energy) or peppermint (for fast energy)
  • printed sigil

Print out the sigil and cut it out. Hold it in your hands. Under the full moon, hold it up so that the moon is behind the sigil. If its cloudy in your area hold up sigil and visualize the moon behind it. Note that the moon will move in the sky so do this when you can see it above the horizon. 

Holding the sigil up take a deep breath and visualize the angels whose names are on the sigil. Hold their names in your mind and ask that they send their blessing to your work. When you are ready say,

"The moon shines brightly into the heart of the one that is guided to me. May Shekinah dwell in my heart to know them when we meet."

Visualize the sigil glowing with moonlight, pure and white. Light the sigil on fire and place it in the bowl. When it is burned cover it in lavender or peppermint. On the last day of the full moon, burn the herbs. 

Note: magick takes time, so have patience.


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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Angel Divination Circle

Angel Divination Circle

-black pepper
-poppy seeds
-large cleanable surface
-divination tool of choice

Take a handful (or small cups full) of black pepper and hold it in your hands. Think of the angel Uriel. Visualize Uriel standing before you. His energy radiates heat and the smell of earth. Hold that visualization as you use the pepper to make a large circle on your surface. Once that is done, place the cup to the side. Hold that visualization of Uriel and say,

"I call the archangel Uriel to my circle."

Pick up the poppy seeds and hold them in your hands. Relax and visualize energy flowing from the earth into the seeds and from the air into the seeds. They glow with the energy of the Universe. Take a pinch of seeds and place them on your tongue. Use the rest of the seeds to form a circle on the outside of the pepper circle. Go slowly as the seeds could jumble a bit more. When you are ready, hold your divination tool in your hands. Take a deep breath and say,

"The Universe fills with energy. The energy moves through me. May archangel Uriel open the way to truth."

Do your normal reading within the circle. Ask questions directly to Uriel. When you are done, thank Uriel. Brush the pepper and seeds into the trash.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One-sided convo?

"Yes I get it. No you don't need to keep at it. Well, if you want it done then help make it easier..."

This is the type of thing that happens when I 'talk angel.' Mostly, its a quiet discussion with me trying to reply mentally to the idea fast impressions. So now that I have moved into our new home and this coming weeks ends apartment living I have found that familiar prodding has returned. I'm finding more journals in the bookstore clearance. And the angels know I can't turn down a good looking journal. And the days at work have gone dead silent due to weather. So next week I'll be taking a journal with me to work so I can stop their prodding. Time to finish my freelance and return to the writings.
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