Friday, June 29, 2012

Angelic Alphabets

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 If you haven't noticed, my angel board has very strange symbols on them. These are the symbols known as the Angelic Alphabet. There are a few different types. I enjoy this type because it is a little simpler. The symbols for I and J are the same, as are the symbols for U and V. They can be used for many things but my favorite is writing angel names in the letters.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angel Board

My Angel Board
Here is my angel board. Much like a ouija board, it helps to channel spirits. Not only angels but other spirits. When blessed it can allow neutral to good spirits to communicate through it. I used angelic alphabet along with the regular alphabet. I was inspired by the rainbow colors.

Angel Bio - Kerubiel : The Great Sphinx

Angel of Guardians

A long, long time ago the choir of Cherubim were described as being a combination of ox, human, eagle, and lion. These are the animals that compose the sphinx. It should come to no surprise then that Kerubiel can be first encountered as this creature or simply a winged lion. Kerubiel is a strong and confidant warrior angel that comes to our aid when we feel vulnerable. Though protecting is his main task, he seems to enjoy teaching through experience.

Kerubiel's energy is that of a strong, sure, guardian. With a wide smile and loud, friendly demeanor you can't really be on Kerubiel's bad side. But don't get him wrong, he can teach you a lesson is you choose to pick on the young, sensitive, or emotional. His motto is most likely to be, "Have no fear! Kerubiel is here!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ritual : Healing Waters of Assiel

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Assiel (Ay-see-el  or Au-see-el) is an angel of healing, but healing through water. While he mainly deals with the bladder, kidneys, and blood his healing touch can be applied further than just these areas. This small ritual is for sending healing energy into your body or the body of one who needs healing.

-Green or teal ribbon
-Lavender, raspberry leaf, or peppermint
-Photograph of person in need of healing (if it is not yourself or if they are not present. This picture should also be disposable)

Fill your teapot with water and heat it up. As it sits on the stove or in the microwave getting warm, cut a length of ribbon.  Place the ribbon to the side, it should be long enough to tie around the affected area of the body. For a picture, cut just enough to tie around the picture. Next set out less than a handful of your herb of choice. Take your supplies into the bathroom. Return to gather your teapot when the water is hot.

Ritual : Healing Waters of Assiel

Bring your teapot, now full of very hot water, into the bathroom and place it on the counter. Pull the lid off and set it to the side. Scoop up your herb and hold them in both hands. Close your eyes and hold your herb up as if you were offering it up. Take a deep breath and imagine a soft blue light hovering just over the herb, feel it rushing over your hands and shedding soft energy into the herb. Say,

"Through this bounty of the earth our bodies partake of health."

Open your eyes. Drop the herbs into the teapot and put the lid back on. Hold your hands just over the teapot, close your eyes. Visualize the blue light swirling around the teapot and move into the teapot to fill up the water. Say,

"Through the essence of water our hearts partake of wellness."

Open your eyes and take up the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the part of your body in need of healing. If this is your torso, neck or head, make sure you cut a long enough piece of ribbon to tie it loosely around the area. For the picture tie the ribbon around the photograph. When you are done, close your eyes and say,

"Through my intention I mark the place that healing is needed."

While the herbs are soaking draw yourself a bath. If you can't draw a bath run the shower. If the area is small you can use the sink. Fill the sink for the photograph. As the water is running, close your eyes. Visualize the swirling blue light moving around and into the waters. It infuses the water with light. Say,

"The angel Assiel bless these waters. On this day where your guidance and help is needed, please aid me with your blessing."

Open your eyes. Continue filling up the tub/sink/(let the shower run) until it is filled enough to accommodate you. Step back and reverently take your teapot and place it on the floor (or counter) beside your tub/sink/shower. Get into the water and take a few deep breathes to relax you. The ribbon should be on still and the area/photograph should be submerged or soaked. Take the teapot and slowly pour its steeped water into the tub/sink. If using the shower pour the water slowly over the affected area. Make sure it is not hot enough to hurt you. Close your eyes. Visualize that water seeping deeply into your body. It is blue light that spreads from your skin down to your bones. It moves and fluctuates in your body. Take a deep breath in and feel its warm energy bringing healing. Exhale and see bit of grey oily substance leaking out of your skin, being replaced by the light. With each exhale, see more of the oil move from your body and into the surrounding water, or down the drain for the shower. For the photo, imagine the other person encased in the water of light and see the oil rising to the surface to be destroyed.
When you are ready to get out of the tub take one more deep breath. Let your gratitude and love of life overwhelm your heart. Imagine your body strong and healthy. Open your eyes and get out of the tub or shower, Take the picture from the sink. Sit back and unplug the tub or sink, let the shower run a few seconds longer. Watch the water move down the drain and as the last of it goes say,

"And the blessing of Assiel be with you."

Take the ribbon off and let it dry. Once dry it can be used again and again. It can also become a trigger for healing even without the ritual.

-Do first ritual on a full moon
-Do ritual once a week for 1 month or more if needed
-You can place amethysts into the tub/sink for extra healing energy
-Rubbing the affected area of your body with a healing stone can amplify the energies

Note: If you feel more comfortable using Raphael instead of Assiel, you can substitute them

Monday, June 25, 2012

You Know You're..

So the meet and greet with local pagans went great. My husband was able to relax and trust. me. Had a great time and did some networking.

Today I performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. For those that don't know, its a very simple but powerful ritual to clear away negativity from yourself and your home. One part asks you to invoke the archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Ariel. Their presence can really be felt. After I was done and felt the negativity slip away, I went into meditation to encounter some new angels.
though a bit unfocused, mostly from being abuzz with ritual energy, I was able to meet with an entire group of angels I had been studying. Assiel, Muriel, Haziel, Sariel, and Anael were all there. It was quite pleasant. I was surprised though when Gabriel showed up. Gabriel's energy is very reminiscent of my mother's energy which can be very driven and analytical. I was nervous. But he hugged me tight and told me to stop being so hard on myself. I push my expectations hard when trying to find a job and do my best. Though I haven't been able to get a job, it has badly wounded my confidence and my opinion of myself. Well you know you're too hard on yourself when the angel of hard work says you are. Gabriel went on to say, "All you can do is do the best you can. And you have. Don't be so hard on yourself."
I have to say, I almost cried. I could feel that acknowledgement that I wasn't failing or giving up sink into my bones. It was just what I needed. All the angels around me smiled and agreed before I returned to my physical body. Even as I sit here writing I feel the cooling effect Gabriel's words have on my spirit.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not great, but ok

So, not a great day. Trying to meet new people in a new place can be both challenging and scary. For my husband, it can be upsettingly scary. So had a bit of a fight with him about hanging out with an online friend tomorrow. Now I just feel..blah in a bad way. I'm hoping rest cures it. But while showering who should pop up but Ambriel and Theliel.

Ambriel: "It'll be ok. And if tomorrow goes well, you'll shine!"
Me: "Thanks Ambriel. He just gets so paranoid. Maybe I'm just too trusting"
Theliel:"It only makes sense. You're too trusting. He's too paranoid. Between you you'll pop out the perfect kid."
Me: "Thanks Theliel.. i think."

I giggled and the angels took their leave. Their tasks done as soon as I cheered up. I know tomorrow will be better. I just want the blah to get out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A scoop of fiddling..

So I finished up writing lesson one of Angel Magick & Communication elective class for MDAP. AND I was fiddling around with a video/recording for a guided meditation for the class. If this goes well I may be able to make it a full time thing. I hear no complaints from the peanut gallery of angels. Since getting busy they've kept a cheerful eye on my goings-on, but keep to themselves. I'll enjoy getting back to regular meditating and back to dieting soon.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Convo

So while unloading the groceries today I was thinking over what I had read another angel intuitive say. She said that archangel Michael has been known to make himself known by the sudden increase in heat. The angel intuitive went on to say that it could feel like a hot flash. I thought this over for a few seconds and said, "Michael should be the angel that governs menopause."
I giggled then I heard his reply. He smiled, "I know. I make all the women hot under the collar."
Needless to say I laughed.
While I don't get extensive conversations often, these small reminders of their presence make me smile.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration Comes Around

I have been feeling very inspired. This came out of me at one point. Now I am just busy. I'm excited about sharing my love of angels with The Witches Collective witch school. My first type of spell work involved angels, which have always stuck with me. All of my days seem to be packed full of magick now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Intense Emotions

There is a popular self-help author on facebook that made a good point earlier this week. Self-help writers may seem like they have it all together, with confident smiles on their books, but in reality they go through just as many problems as everyone else. In fact many go through quite a few more problems than most so they can better help others. this weekend was an emotional ride or highs and lows. I hope that these emotionally stressed and intense times will eventually allow me to help someone.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Angel Elective

As I have mentioned, I am the admin and a teacher at The Witches It has been requested that I write a small Angel Magick elective class for the witch school. I'm waiting one more day before really starting to craft it out. I am already starting the brain storming process. If anything I could always use the material for my book!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello and Good Day

When I first started looking into angels from a pagan perspective, I was scared. Scared that choosing a pagan path would make the angels angry or disappointed. So I looked up two angels I thought I would get along with and started talking. I talked with them all the time. Of course I was in 9th grade and it was a one-sided conversation. I would tell these two angels everything and anything I pleased. I never heard a peep, but it felt good to have someone listen. By 11th grade I was looking into my pagan path and angels were on the back burner. Only when I began my junior and senior year in college did my angel interest pick back up. In senior year I began talking with them again. And was I surprised when I began feeling intuitive responses. I'm not sure when I had been developing my intuition but it had come along enough to let me begin communicating with my long time friends. Now its hard to keep them out and more keep trying to catch my eye. So my advice to any angel lovers out there. Just talk, even if it is a one-sided affair. Just say 'good morning.'

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration Strikes

Writing has never been an easy thing. So when I began writing down names of angels that I felt inspired to read about and learn about. One by one I have been writing down about the angels I will soon be working with. Some are healers, others are protectors. Inspiration is my biggest sign. My intuition seems to move through my inspiration to motivate me. I hope I can manage to get to know these angels as well as the others I already have a great relationship with!
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