Saturday, December 29, 2012

Unlikely Friends

Angels are always around us and sometimes they are random.
With all the tragedies of this past year, and then the 2012 debacle, the winds are a bit stuffed with spirits. Many of the subtle angels have been showing up even more than usual. I find Raziel coming up more than the secretive angel ever has. and even now he smiles and teases, 'It is just because I love you so much."
Keep an ear out for unlikely friends showing up. Could be an adventure.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Angel Bio - Raziel: Angel of Mysteries

Angel of Mysteries
   There is no one that is the epitome of mystery like Raziel. Raziel is the angel of mystery and hidden things. His energy is like quicksilver and only can be sensed when he wants us to. This is the very essence of this angel's energy. Raziel holds the secrets of the Universe and shows up in our lives when we begin to reveal our own secrets. He helps guide us as we learn new systems of magick and philosphy.
   In magick, Raziel is a great angel to call on for protection, initiation into new traditions, and divination. there is nothing like having this sneaky angel show up to drop a few insights in your time of need. Seers, oracles, and psychics are special to Raziel. Also philosophy is his bread and butter when it comes to approaching new people. Be open to the secrets of your heart and Raziel will be there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seasonal change

Change is on the horizon. This is not unusual at this time of year. But as the holiday season seems to draw in closer and closer, its hard to keep focused on the road ahead. The angels love this season of joy and love. Its hard not to enjoy it. As change does come through, the angels will be with us and though they may be silent, they will never be still.
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