Thursday, December 26, 2013

Should have listened

I guess it has been far too quiet lately. With the winter holidays having come and now gone, a went on. I was not kind to myself I am afraid. I was over worked at work and then proceeded to exhaust myself at home too. My husband did warn me of this and I didn't really take it to heart. So the Universe saw fit to make me lethargic at first, then all  out sick the next day. Half of my vacation has been going through and recovering from illness. I am unhappy to say that this was what my husband's intuition and the angels were trying to keep me from. I hope to listen better next time.

Happy winter time everyone!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stress, stress, stress

Its been a very stressful time for the past two weeks. With all of the holiday traveling now was not the time to have stuff crop up at work. But it did. The store is out of control, so I went the right way and sent a message to HR. Now I am getting into it and very stressed. Angels be with me. We will see how this all turns out.
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