Saturday, November 26, 2011

There is a Season

Winter is a time for rest, reflection, and meditation. This time of year is one of quiet, delving deep into the self and the Universe. Some people find winter to be the best time to try and communicate with angels. For some people their gifts go into a state of hibernation. The best thing to do is figure out how you function in each season, energy wise, and work from there. Maybe new year's day is when things perk up for you. Or Easter. Find your ideal time and plan for something special. Have a party or dinner and invite your angels to over.

Monday, November 7, 2011


There will be times in your life where the angels are just bobbing up and down on your head like a tide. So many will show up you won't know what to do with yourself. But like nature, things tend to balance out and there will also be times when you won't see any angels.

During certain times in your life, whether it is for a week, a month, or years, your ability to see and communicate with angels will be forgotten. It is not the the gift is lost, simply pushed aside to make room for another portion of your life. On the back burner if you will. This is a time of hibernation. It may take extra effort to communicate with the angels, but it can be done. Things tend to happen for a reason, whether they are withdrawing to give you space for everyday life or something will be making space in your life. Do not fret. Like all things, the angels have their seasons and so do we. When your ability resurfaces, they'll still be there waiting for you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Angel Bio - Iophiel: Beauty Queen

Angel of Beauty

In the works of the old masters, the women of the paintings seem to come alive with a beauty all their own. Landscapes almost seem to move with the strokes of the painter's brush. This was the final touch of Iophiel, angel of beauty. The arts, poetry, TV, movies, and so many other places that express beauty and creativity fall to Iophiel. She especially loves fashion and weddings. This is why she makes a great companion to those planning their own wedding.

This angel absolutely loves the arts. It is little wonder why she helps those blocked artists whenever they get stuck. Iophiel is that prom queen that understands how the geeks and art kids always felt. Her kind demeanor and willingness to inspire have helped out many artists over the years. Iophiel is a great friend to have around, whether you are shopping for new clothes or trying to paint.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Passive Time

As the year begins to grow dark, now is the time to reflect. Study, learn, and grow quiet in your knowledge. Active workings are not recommended in winter unless they are meant to manifest in spring. You may find that some angels are scarce this time of year while others appear out of the blue everyday.

In this time of renewel and twilight there are a few angels that tend to show up. Raziel, Ramiel, Cassiel, Ariel, Leliel, and Camael to name a few. Even through Ariel and Cameal aren't particularly winter angels, they govern the energies of nature. So it stands that they remain throughout the turning of the wheel of the year. I am sure that the angels of winter will also be busy and active as the time draws near.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angels and Deity

If you are a pagan you may hesitate working with angels due to the, false, stereotype that they are Christian beings serving the Christian god. This is mistaken. Angels serve the Universe, not any one path that claims it is the right one. I am not saying Christian beliefs aren't valid, only that angels are open for anyone to work with. If you worship Persephone, Apollo, Isis, Astarte, or any pagan deity you are merely worshiping a part of the Universe and the angels can jive with that.

So today, if you can, cut out a pair of wings from paper and hang it in a special place. If you wanna really have fun cut out a few set of wings. Decorate them and handle them with colorful ribbons. Let the angels know your up for a chat.
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