Friday, November 4, 2011

Angel Bio - Iophiel: Beauty Queen

Angel of Beauty

In the works of the old masters, the women of the paintings seem to come alive with a beauty all their own. Landscapes almost seem to move with the strokes of the painter's brush. This was the final touch of Iophiel, angel of beauty. The arts, poetry, TV, movies, and so many other places that express beauty and creativity fall to Iophiel. She especially loves fashion and weddings. This is why she makes a great companion to those planning their own wedding.

This angel absolutely loves the arts. It is little wonder why she helps those blocked artists whenever they get stuck. Iophiel is that prom queen that understands how the geeks and art kids always felt. Her kind demeanor and willingness to inspire have helped out many artists over the years. Iophiel is a great friend to have around, whether you are shopping for new clothes or trying to paint.


  1. Very cool! I think she came to visit me the other day:)

    1. It would not surprise me, she is a social butterfly champion.


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