Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Inspired Poem

Message Received

I sow a seed,
In the darkest places,
Of my heart,
Where it sits and waits,
For waters to flow.
The waters of love,
Did finally come,
The light of hope,
Shone fierce and strong,
Yet before it could form,
Take root or move,
It required a sound.
Until now, I was confused,
For it was not the seed,
The held the bloom.
Before all the blood,
The birth and growth,
In the corner of my soul,
The sound was spoke.
And in the darkest places,
Of my heart,
It's echo still rang,
Soft yet sharp.
Embedded in the depths,
Of our primal soul,
Where darkness can gather,
And all our hurts sown,
There was a whisper,
Of love and demand,
Amidst the soil,
In the hearts' of man.
To every bitter seed,
We would plant,
These words would come,
And our pain it could mend.
If we can hear,
And obey,
Our seeds would form,
Then bloom in clarity.
But we can not know,
The words left in us,
'Tis the tone it carries,
And with it Love.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Healing Practice

I have been learning Reiki. I have a plan to follow through with Reiki as a practice but it takes time. But this isn't the point.

Since starting Reiki, I have felt more grounded than I have in a long time. The only down side is that my more open, heavenly gifts are stuck with that earthy energy. Which is thick as mud and slow as it too. Though, I am hoping as I begin to settle into my personal, daily practice it will become easier to 'hear' again.

I feel that the healing angels have been blessing this learning and the plans I have for it. Raphael in particular has been a support as I work through my classes. I am hoping the angels will help guide me forward as my class comes to a close. I have taken Raphael's symbol as an emblem for my healing practice.

Thank you angels!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Overly Grounded

The angels are always with us.
This is something i have found to be true no matter the circumstances. Even when you are not in-tune with the higher realms, they are in tune to you. As always.
So with that said, I have been continuing my Reiki study. I slipped into my level two class at the very last minute and am very grounded. Unfortunately being overly grounded has left me un-tuned to the higher realms. As I continue into my class i have faith that I will once again open to my higher chakras.
Right now, I am focusing on my Reiki.
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