Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reiki Level 1 done!

I have been doing some Reiki work with a few different people. I am really excited to practice even more in the days to come! I will be meeting with local friends to work on them and a few small gatherings in April. So far i feel pretty good about what I have been learning and doing. I am excited to see when the Level 2 training may be offered. Angels bless my patience, I'm not sure i'll be able to hold out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Animal Blessing with Ariel

Animal Blessing with Ariel

-your animals
-small bowl water
-mint leaves
-picture/statue/printed picture of the angel Ariel

In your space, which can be outside or inside, hang the picture of Ariel or place the statue within sight. Take the bowl of water in one hand and the mint leaves in your other hand. Relax and visualize the angel Ariel standing before you. They bend over the leaves and water, blowing in their blessing. When you have held the visualization say...

"Angel blessed,
May you rest,
In peace and joy,
Under wings employed"

Crush the mint leaves in your hand and drop them into the bowl of water. The water and mint are purified by Artiel. When your animals approach, drip a drop upon their backs if they allow. If not, splash the ground in front of them. Ask your angels and the angels that look after your animals for continued blessing. If you have water left over splash some at your front door and back door.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Angel Altar

The Angel Altar

Angel altars are lovely focal points of positive energy. They create a space, a door that our angels can use to visit with us. My angel altar is decorated with angel statues and crystals. I also use it as a healing altar, so I have animal statues and a bunch of crystals. Having a physical presence of the angels in my home helps to remind me to talk and work with them. So boost the positive in your home with a few angelic images.

suggested items...

angel satues
crystal quartz
lace agate
window crystals
white candles

Monday, February 4, 2013

Things have come along...

Some fun things have been going on.

I have finished writing my pagan classes and the school is up!

I am starting my reiki classes this thursday and i am so excited!

And i have been doing a series of angel paintings. i am up to 30 paintings. Once i get to 36 or so I will be going to the second phase of it. I am hoping to create cards and booklet!

The angels gave me a wide birth to finish all my projects. Now i hope to establish a relationship with the angels that i am just now learning about. I hope to be sharing these experiences with everyone soon.
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