Saturday, July 28, 2012

Angel Parties!

A great way to bring around any angel is with an angel party. Whether its just you or all your friends, it can be a wonderful experience. The important thing is not to talk or watch angel related things, but to raise your energy to a higher, better place. Watching uplifting or just plain funny movies can be a great way to lift your group up. Good food, games, or simple fun divination. If someone you know does Reiki or other healing practice, let them practice on you. You could curl up in night gowns or PJ's, have bowl fulls of marshmellows and popcorn. Be as silly or sophisticated as you like. Dinner parties can be just as angel-centric. Have everyone wear white and decorate with crystals or feathers. Use art to bring you that energy. Really, as long as you are having a happy and light filled time, you are creating an angel atmosphere. Never let anyone at your party feel sad or disappointed.

-At the start of your party, stand in a circle, hold hands, and ask for an angel blessing.
-When the party is wrapping up, stand in a circle and ask for the angels to bless everyone on their way home.
-Do things in honor of a specific angel if you have an intention in mind. Play games for Sandalphon! Read tarot card with Uriel. Gather up a donation for a local animal shelter in honor or Ariel and Camael. The list goes on..
-Decorate for your party! If you want love angels to come in, decorate with pinks, reds, and rose quartz. Think themes!
-Serve foods and snacks that give the same feeling as the energy you want. Or set out a food or snack that a specific angel likes. Marshmellows for Sandalphon, red velvet cake for Iophiel, cinnamon buns for Ambriel.
-Lay out a special place in your home or party for the angels to sit. Set out a place mat with a card that requests the presence of your angels.

Types of Parties the Angels can Help With...

-Speed dating! You'd never guess, but this would be a great way to incorporate angels. Or if your trying to bring singles together, why not ask Anael to come along? Decorate with rose quartz and carnelian. Nothing too pushy.
-Birthdays! While a birthday may have its own theme, you can hang a few sun catcher crystals in your windows to invite he angels to celebrate.
-Weddings! If you are throwing a bridal shower, why not decorate with white feathers? Or crystals? An engaged couple needs all the blessings they can get.
-Baby showers! Who isn't happy to celebrate a new life? Plush animals are a great tribute to angel Ariel and Camael. Though Uriel isn't one to cuddle, he may show up if you ask for a blessing for the expectant mother.
-Anniversaries! While becoming rarer now-a-days, the angels love to come and celebrate a lasting union. Iophiel loves helping with any kind of party, but seems well suited for the weddings and anniversaries.
-Initiations! Whether your being inducted into a coven, high scoll, college, or a new job, the angels enjoy blessing you in new endeavors!

With so many ideas, I'm sure any party can be not only great but blessed. Party on!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michael Protection Spell

Purpose: To protect your home.

Place the candles around the room in the center of your home. Light them and stand in the center of them. Take a deep breath and lift up your hands above your head. Visualize Michael, the archangel, standing before you. Feel the warm southern winds moving around you. Say,

"Before, around, walking Michael. With sword in hand the angel moves!"

Feel his energy gather around you. Michael is a warrior and protector, keeping all safe. Visualize a ball of golden energy form in your hands. Say,

"The angels protect me and mine. My home is safe from harm, from fear."

Take in a deep breath and imagine the ball growing and growing until it surrounds your entire home. Visualize it crystalizing, solidifying around your home as a crystal shield. Relax and take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Say,

"With Michael's blessing, this space be kept. So mote it be!"

Give thanks to the archangel.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silence Broken

As many know, the events in Colorado movie theater, have shaken many peoples' nerves. Fear and saddens swept through everyone yesterday and while some are still suffering in grief or pain, we pray that they are comforted.
After getting up yesterday I read the story on and my heart sank. I went about my day and on my way to the store Cassiel appeared. He was sad, but he maintained his expression and tried to comfort me as well. I hadn't directly spoken to the angels in over two weeks until yesterday. I asked him where his brothers and sisters were. Cassiel patted my back and said they were with the people in Colorado, trying to ease the burden. I know the angels are with the families of the dead and injured, not to mention do what they can for the people involved.
If your heart is still sunk, Cassiel will be there to help you and so will all the angels.
Healing thoughts....

Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you have been on your path a while, you are likely to encounter doubt. Doubts and fears are very human, very normal. Sometimes I have doubts too, but then I can't help but remember how my path rings in my heart. It is hard to not be effected by the words of others but it is our path, and no one can live it for us.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel Atmosphere

Angels are like many other spirits. What defines them is their vibrational energy and motivations. So when bringing them into your spell work you just need to treat them like other spirits. Learn to keep your energy in harmony with their's and invite them into your life. Here are some simple things you can get to bring angels into your life and workings:

-Create an angel altar
Whether for healing, love, prosperity, or just in general, this gives a physical anchor for angelic energy in your home.

-Angel Statues and Art
While they can serve as a physical focus of angel energy they also serve as reminders to take time to connect with the angels. If you charge them they can even energize and calm a room.

-Potted Plants and Flowers
Plants and flowers bring energy into a room and if you especially want a natur/animal loving angel energy in your home these can be very useful.

-Incense and Candles
There are so many varieties of scents and colors that you really need to research what angel relates to what. White is a good general angel color.

As the above, there are tons of different crystals. One of the most positive crystals you can bring into your home is a sun catcher crystal. They are crystals made to hang in a window to shine rainbows in your home. While not very valuable, they send out a very uplifting and positive energy.

Of course you don't need to buy anything to invite angels into your life. Just a sincere desire to connect is all you really need. Everything else just helps create atmosphere.
Enjoy bringing angels into your life!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Exciting Week!

So things have been very good this week! I have had a financially sound week, even stumbled across an untouched $50 book store gift card. What's more, I am able to afford Reiki level 1 training a month earlier than i thought I would! So that is yet another thing I will be adding to my project list. It is an exciting time.

I blogged not too long ago about a sudden trance experience I had one night. Well, I had been looking up Reiki training just before I was pulled into that particular experience. I think this was a clear indication that Reiki was something I was supposed to look into. I even received a dream involving someone that seemed to want to talk with me. While meditating this week I encountered that man again. Gruff, friendly, and warm, he confessed to be a spirit guide of mine! I have had trouble getting in touch with spirit guides, so this was a real treat. He was a healer and would be there to help me with this next step in my life. I can't wait to see what will come of this.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Angel Bio - Assiel: Water Bearer

Angel of Healing Waters

Anyone who has ever visited the ocean knows the awesome power of water. Waterfalls, hot springs, rivers, and lakes, all of these things are favored by Assiel (Aye-see-el or Aw-see-el). While not a very popular or heard of angel, this healing angel has a lot to offer. Through the use of water, Assiel can be called on to help heal yourself and others.

Assiel's presence is very subtle, making him hard to detect. But once you establish a good connection, there is something very calming about him. Although you may me sitting in the middle of a heat wave when you meditate, while connecting with Assiel you will feel like you are in the middle of a hot spring.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Using Song - Cleansing my room

Today an old friend is coming in to visit. We don't get many visitors so I wanted to try and cleanse my office, which is where he will be sleeping. I didn't feel like trying to cleanse with the LBRP because, let's face it, it is so formal. So, with my new angel-horn bell-rattle in hand I started up a little song. Turning to the east I shoot my bells and closed my eyes. I visualized the rising sun, the soft warm colors of the sky and rang my bells. They are soft and gentle, the type of bells you can find in craft stores. I took a breath and held the image of the dawn. Then I started thinking of the angel Raphael, healer and angel of the east. Here is what I came up with (I paraphrase, since I was winging it):
"Raphael, come from the East.
Dawn light cleanse this space.
Angels of the dawn, come through this place.
Fill and cleanse it of darker things.
Raphael, angel of the East,
fill us with your energy.
Dawn rises and I embrace,
its cleansing energy."

Now as I sit in my office, I feel very calm and happy. I know that the angels are helping to circulate the energy of my home.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th everyone!
Today is usually a busy day with barbeques and fireworks, but this morning has been very slow. I know by tonight there will be plenty of fireworks and hundreds of people watching them around the state and beyond. Blessings on everyone, as the angels will be right there partying with you!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Fast and Deep Trance

Last night, after coming home from staying at my in-laws, I felt a very strange feeling. My back was still and somehow teeming with energy. I tried to hold still and my limbs became relaxed and filled with energy. After a minute, my eyes closed and I felt myself pulled. I was pulled back at such a speed it was disorienting. I was held by an angel I could not really see. I was then passed off to another angel I could barely see. This angel gently placed me upon a white marble tile floor. It was all very bright and very pleasant. I stood and approached a large, nearly tub-sized bowl of white stone. It was on a small stand and the rim came up to my mid section. As I approached a woman in white and gold was on the other side. She smiled and told me,

"Seek what you need and it will be presented to you. Always."

I felt so calm and relaxed. I didn't really know what to say. When I opened my eyes I wrote down my experience. I had never felt that before or brought into a deep trance so quickly. Just before I went under, I was looking at Reiki training and Angel Energy work training. I think this was a clear nudge on the angels behalf.
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