Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michael Protection Spell

Purpose: To protect your home.

Place the candles around the room in the center of your home. Light them and stand in the center of them. Take a deep breath and lift up your hands above your head. Visualize Michael, the archangel, standing before you. Feel the warm southern winds moving around you. Say,

"Before, around, walking Michael. With sword in hand the angel moves!"

Feel his energy gather around you. Michael is a warrior and protector, keeping all safe. Visualize a ball of golden energy form in your hands. Say,

"The angels protect me and mine. My home is safe from harm, from fear."

Take in a deep breath and imagine the ball growing and growing until it surrounds your entire home. Visualize it crystalizing, solidifying around your home as a crystal shield. Relax and take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Say,

"With Michael's blessing, this space be kept. So mote it be!"

Give thanks to the archangel.  

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