Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel Atmosphere

Angels are like many other spirits. What defines them is their vibrational energy and motivations. So when bringing them into your spell work you just need to treat them like other spirits. Learn to keep your energy in harmony with their's and invite them into your life. Here are some simple things you can get to bring angels into your life and workings:

-Create an angel altar
Whether for healing, love, prosperity, or just in general, this gives a physical anchor for angelic energy in your home.

-Angel Statues and Art
While they can serve as a physical focus of angel energy they also serve as reminders to take time to connect with the angels. If you charge them they can even energize and calm a room.

-Potted Plants and Flowers
Plants and flowers bring energy into a room and if you especially want a natur/animal loving angel energy in your home these can be very useful.

-Incense and Candles
There are so many varieties of scents and colors that you really need to research what angel relates to what. White is a good general angel color.

As the above, there are tons of different crystals. One of the most positive crystals you can bring into your home is a sun catcher crystal. They are crystals made to hang in a window to shine rainbows in your home. While not very valuable, they send out a very uplifting and positive energy.

Of course you don't need to buy anything to invite angels into your life. Just a sincere desire to connect is all you really need. Everything else just helps create atmosphere.
Enjoy bringing angels into your life!

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