Monday, July 2, 2012

A Fast and Deep Trance

Last night, after coming home from staying at my in-laws, I felt a very strange feeling. My back was still and somehow teeming with energy. I tried to hold still and my limbs became relaxed and filled with energy. After a minute, my eyes closed and I felt myself pulled. I was pulled back at such a speed it was disorienting. I was held by an angel I could not really see. I was then passed off to another angel I could barely see. This angel gently placed me upon a white marble tile floor. It was all very bright and very pleasant. I stood and approached a large, nearly tub-sized bowl of white stone. It was on a small stand and the rim came up to my mid section. As I approached a woman in white and gold was on the other side. She smiled and told me,

"Seek what you need and it will be presented to you. Always."

I felt so calm and relaxed. I didn't really know what to say. When I opened my eyes I wrote down my experience. I had never felt that before or brought into a deep trance so quickly. Just before I went under, I was looking at Reiki training and Angel Energy work training. I think this was a clear nudge on the angels behalf.

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