Saturday, July 28, 2012

Angel Parties!

A great way to bring around any angel is with an angel party. Whether its just you or all your friends, it can be a wonderful experience. The important thing is not to talk or watch angel related things, but to raise your energy to a higher, better place. Watching uplifting or just plain funny movies can be a great way to lift your group up. Good food, games, or simple fun divination. If someone you know does Reiki or other healing practice, let them practice on you. You could curl up in night gowns or PJ's, have bowl fulls of marshmellows and popcorn. Be as silly or sophisticated as you like. Dinner parties can be just as angel-centric. Have everyone wear white and decorate with crystals or feathers. Use art to bring you that energy. Really, as long as you are having a happy and light filled time, you are creating an angel atmosphere. Never let anyone at your party feel sad or disappointed.

-At the start of your party, stand in a circle, hold hands, and ask for an angel blessing.
-When the party is wrapping up, stand in a circle and ask for the angels to bless everyone on their way home.
-Do things in honor of a specific angel if you have an intention in mind. Play games for Sandalphon! Read tarot card with Uriel. Gather up a donation for a local animal shelter in honor or Ariel and Camael. The list goes on..
-Decorate for your party! If you want love angels to come in, decorate with pinks, reds, and rose quartz. Think themes!
-Serve foods and snacks that give the same feeling as the energy you want. Or set out a food or snack that a specific angel likes. Marshmellows for Sandalphon, red velvet cake for Iophiel, cinnamon buns for Ambriel.
-Lay out a special place in your home or party for the angels to sit. Set out a place mat with a card that requests the presence of your angels.

Types of Parties the Angels can Help With...

-Speed dating! You'd never guess, but this would be a great way to incorporate angels. Or if your trying to bring singles together, why not ask Anael to come along? Decorate with rose quartz and carnelian. Nothing too pushy.
-Birthdays! While a birthday may have its own theme, you can hang a few sun catcher crystals in your windows to invite he angels to celebrate.
-Weddings! If you are throwing a bridal shower, why not decorate with white feathers? Or crystals? An engaged couple needs all the blessings they can get.
-Baby showers! Who isn't happy to celebrate a new life? Plush animals are a great tribute to angel Ariel and Camael. Though Uriel isn't one to cuddle, he may show up if you ask for a blessing for the expectant mother.
-Anniversaries! While becoming rarer now-a-days, the angels love to come and celebrate a lasting union. Iophiel loves helping with any kind of party, but seems well suited for the weddings and anniversaries.
-Initiations! Whether your being inducted into a coven, high scoll, college, or a new job, the angels enjoy blessing you in new endeavors!

With so many ideas, I'm sure any party can be not only great but blessed. Party on!

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