Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classes Almost Written

I am getting closer to finishing my pagan classes for WC. I think its been quiet because the angels are giving me room to work. I am excited to see this project complete. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Anael's Energy Cleansing

For those that may not know, there are many angels that share duties. The angels that I have met that preside over love are Shekinah, rphael, Theliel, Anael, Haniel, and more. Recently Anael has been showing up and began to show me another part of her 'job.' Anael is an angel of love in its many forms. She is even the angel of physical love. Anael is sound counsel in all manner of emotional trouble, but issues dealing with romance and love are her specialties.

Energy Cleansing 

Purpose: realign your personal energies and release excess emotion


Relax and lay on your back or in a chair. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Center and connect with the Universe around you. In your mind, ask the angel of Anael to come and be with you. Take in a deep breath and try to imagine what Anael would look like to you. Let the image solidifying in your mind as you call to Anael. When you feel the image become solid and the angel's presence continue.
Thank Anael for coming and take in a breath. Say,

"Kind Angel of Love,
The energy of my heart pours into my being,
It moves without course and direction,
Please, dear angel, draw this energy from me"

Visualize Anael placing her hands above your head. The energy is drawn to her hands and forms like cotton candy between her palms. Keep the visualization until it fades and relax. Mentally tell affirm your want to have balance in your heart. When you feel calm and content think of Anael. Thank the Angel of Live for helping you get rid of excess emotional energy. Release the image of the angel with love and gratitude. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Bio - Shekinah : Queen of Light

Compassionate Bride

If there was ever a mother of angels, it would be Shekinah. Her form is lovely and her aura bursts with rainbows. There is never a day that this angel is without a kind word. As an angel of mercy and compassion Shekinah exudes the presence of peace. Not many angels come with a set gender of male or female which makes this one kind of special. Referred to as the 'bride of God', Shekinah is the embodiment of positive female aspects. Her smile is gentle and her forgiveness is unconditional. She can be called upon for healing (of any kind), baby blessings, fertility, weddings, rites of passage, love magick, abundance magick, divination, and more.

Shekinah is the female energy of life and can be viewed as the matron of women, children, and more. She loves children and seeks to protect them in peace. This angel also supports those that would protect the weak (humans and animals), heals the sick, and comforts the downtrodden. Rainbows, doves, and golden hearts are symbols of her happiness. Look out for them as you begin to work with her.

Friday, January 4, 2013

angel inspiration

A little love being given to my angels today. I have been enjoying making these little paintings for a few of the angels that have been moving into my life. These are representatives of Raziel, Iophiel, and Azrael. I thought they were cute.
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