Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Bio - Shekinah : Queen of Light

Compassionate Bride

If there was ever a mother of angels, it would be Shekinah. Her form is lovely and her aura bursts with rainbows. There is never a day that this angel is without a kind word. As an angel of mercy and compassion Shekinah exudes the presence of peace. Not many angels come with a set gender of male or female which makes this one kind of special. Referred to as the 'bride of God', Shekinah is the embodiment of positive female aspects. Her smile is gentle and her forgiveness is unconditional. She can be called upon for healing (of any kind), baby blessings, fertility, weddings, rites of passage, love magick, abundance magick, divination, and more.

Shekinah is the female energy of life and can be viewed as the matron of women, children, and more. She loves children and seeks to protect them in peace. This angel also supports those that would protect the weak (humans and animals), heals the sick, and comforts the downtrodden. Rainbows, doves, and golden hearts are symbols of her happiness. Look out for them as you begin to work with her.

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