Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve - Cookie

Today is All Hallows Eve.
It is a day to remember our loved ones who have passed, our ancestors, and the spirits that contribute to our lives. For this day have a feast and leave food out for special spirit guests. Put up pictures of passed loved ones and light candles for them. Remember who you are and where you have come from. Here is something special to do for the angels.

Angel Sugar Cookie

During the day buy a simple sugar cookie mix and ingredients. Don't forget the frosting! Bake up the cookies. You can make them angel cut outs or just the round ones. Let them cool and frost them. If you love decorating have a blast! When you are finished pick out a small portion of cookies and set them on a separate plate. Set that plate aside and turn back to the cookies. Close your eyes and ask the angels to bless this batch of sugary goodness. See them giving a blessing of energy to the cookies. After you have held this visualization for a few minutes thank the angels. Leave the small plate of cookies out and tell the angels these are for them. Let the cookies sit out for a full day before crumbling them up and tossing them outside. 
*For a bigger kick decorate the cookies as gothic angels, halos, or other angel themed treat.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unlocking Your Angels

Here is a section of the Angel Magick book I have been working on. Its been very busy so my time spent on it hasn't been very much. Hopefully during the winter I'll have more time to spend on writing this book. 

Unlocking Your Angels
As we experience life, we as individuals come to recognize that within our lives there are parts of ourselves we learn to unlock and make peace with. Through these experiences, we unlock our personal power and find balance. The same occurs with our angels. When you begin working with angels, you may notice it is difficult to speak and work with a few of them. This is because we as individuals, have recognized those angels as energies of an aspect of ourselves that we have yet to make peace with. But working with these angels can help us to help us heal. By opening ourselves to these angels, they bring us the peace to accept the aspect of ourselves they represent for us. With that being said, our angels are always there awaiting our call and wanting to be with us. They never hate us, nor fear us, nor judge us, they only wish for us to make peace with ourselves and our path in life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angel Bio - Michael: The Prep

Angel of Heaven and Victory

  Archangel Michael is by far the most well known angel. Not only does he receive saint status in Catholic churches but he is known as the angel who defeated Satan. Of course that is in the Judeo-Christian mythos. As an angel, he embodies light and all of his attributes are solar with one or two exceptions. You could definitely see Michael as that warrior in shining armor and blazing spear. Yet there is that other side to him, a kinder and funnier side.
  As far as personalities go, Michael is not only an athlete but also kind of a prep. He loves sports, combat, competition, and looking good. He would be that football quarter back sitting around joking with his buddies and pulling silly pranks once in awhile. When working with Michael, be aware that his energy can be quite potent and passionate. He loves people and his protective nature can fuel is solar associations. All in all, a sweet and kind angel with a warrior's spirit.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Angels do not look the same for any two people. As I have said before, their appearances are completely dependent on you. It is not that they change how they look, it is simply how you perceive them to be. An angel's form will be translated by your heart and mind, so how you feel they look is a much greater factor to how they will appear to you.
  There are many accounts of what angels were supposed to look like. In one account the choir of cherubim were supposed to look like animals. They were any combination of an lion, ox, eagle, and a man. this doesn't sound very angelic, but instead you see these combination in myths. The most famous two being the Sphinx and the Winged Bull.
  Maybe if you dig deep you'll find that angels can appear however we need them to be. Male, female, animal, plant, it doesn't matter to then. As long as they can be with us they'll look like your old imaginary friend.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angels, Ghosts, and Your Home

  As Halloween draws closer activity in your home could be picking up. If your home has never had activity consider yourself lucky. Sometimes it can be fun if your visitor is friendly or quiet. It can also be scarey if the visitor is anything but friendly. As Halloween is the pinnacle of this activity it is best to wait to begin cleansing and cleaning your home. However, keeping protection on your family is a very good idea. Anointing them and yourself with cleansing oil, smudging people, and wearing blessed jewelry are all good ways to keep safe from uninvited guests. Even asking for the blessing of angel Cassiel, an angel who loves Halloween, can help protect your home.
  Once Halloween has passed try to smudge your home, bless it, protect it and left things settle. Hopefully it will return to a quiet place. Hang an angel ornament or crystal to keep your home just a bit lighter.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Protection of Archangel Michael

Protection of Archangel Michael
The angel Michael is a strong protector, helping to keep you and your loved ones safe. His medal can be used by christian, pagan, and many other paths alike. Here are a few different ways to bless and protect the things that matter most.

With a Michael medal or knife in hand go to the front door and make a star sign in the air in the door way. Say, "This place is blessed and protected by angel Michael."  Do the same to your back door. If you want to do the same to the windows and mirrors feel free.

Family or Other Person:
With a Michael medal in hand or your hand alone have the people being protected stand in front of you. Place your hand on their head and visualize angel wings embracing them. Say, "You are protected by archangel Michael. Be blessed."

The Car:
With a Michael medal i hand or with your hand alone sit in the care and make the star sign in the air in front of you. Visualize white light filling up the car and say, "Angel Michael, bless and protect all within. "

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Dream Sachet

If you have trouble with your dreams why not ask angel Leliel, angel of night and dreams, to guide your dreams. A great way to help keep your dreams positive is through the use of a sachet. A sachet is a small clothe bag filled with herbs. We can add an angelic twist by including Leliel in this sachet working.

Sweet Dream Sachet


  • Small cloth bag
  • Lavender
  • Lemon grass
  • Strip of paper
  • Blue ribbon

 Pour the lavender and lemon grass in a small bowl or cup. Rub your hands together until you feel the heat between them. Hold both hands over the bowl/cup, palms down. Imagine a blue light streaming down and filling the herbs with clear, peaceful energy. Relax and open the cloth bag. Pour the herbs into the cloth bag. On the strip of paper, write Leliel a note. Ask the angel to help keep your dreams happy and to bless them. Roll the paper into a scroll. With the blue ribbon tie off the bag and tie on your scroll. Keep the sachet under your bed or beside your bed. Sweet dreams!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angel Bio - Ariel: The Spitfire

Angel of Nature and The elements

Ariel is the angel of nature. Her domain is mainly over animals and and elemental forces. If there is one thing this angel loves most of all it is animals.Ariel is great for protecting the fuzzy, feathered, or flippy beings in your life. There is nothing she would do for the animals and for those that protect them. Her sassy attitude and never-say-die outlook makes her one of your most powerful allies.
  Ariel is also an angel of elemental forces, these being fire, water, wood, air, and earth. Every angel is associated with one or more of these, but their raw power is governed by Ariel. In all cases of primal power Ariel can be called upon to help bring it under control. She also is great at protecting children and lends her vast knowledge of nature to those that want to preserve it. All in all, a gun-ho spitfire!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're Not Dancing Alone

When you think you are all alone, on top of the world but no one to share it with, you are wrong. Deity is always with you, around you, and within you. And because of this we are constantly surrounded by angels. Whether they are just going about their duties or we are their main focus. We are never alone.

So as you are sitting down to dinner, invite the angels to sit with you. Or if you want to go out to see a movie but always feel weird going alone, invite your angels along for the ride. Have a picnic, enjoy the spa, visit your favorite mall! Angels will invite themselves and others along for your ride. Want to curl up and watch horror movies at night? Why not? After all, angels love horror movies too. The fact is, they love us and love being around us. Why not invite them to be with you, not just around you?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Angel Candle

A great way to honor and connect with angels is through a dedicated act. Such as making a commitment to communicating each day, creating something angel oriented each week, or making a little time to meditate every weekend. Here is a great way to show some commitment.

The Angel Candle

Get yourself a white unscented candle. Hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Touch the candle to your heart and think about what kind of angels you want to work with. In your mind say what energies and angel you'd like to come into your life. Imagine the candle vibrating with the intention of your heart. Open your eyes and place the candle in the space you most use or in the space you do your meditation or spiritual work. Every time you sit down to meditate, communicate, or do your angel centric deeds light the candle to add an extra ooph to your work.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Angel Crystal

There are many ways to invite angels into your life. One of the most beautiful and uplifting is through the use of hanging crystals. These are especially great for angels that enjoy light, sunny days, and color.

Angel Crystal

You can do this to more than one crystal at a time and it can be lovely to have a crystal in each room of your home. One at a time, hold a hanging crystal in your hand. Close you eyes and ask that the crystal shine brightly bringing joy to your house and allowing the angels to fill your home. Do this for all the crystals you have bought. When you are ready to hang them, light a white candle in the center of your home. As the candle burns hang up your crystals and ask for a blessing in the rooms. Enjoy the beautiful colors these crystals bring into your life.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Angels Don't Bat

There are very few things in this world more beautiful than the love between two people. People. Would it really surprise you to learn that angels do not care what gender two people are when it comes to love? When the feelings are there, true and flaring, how could anyone stop it? The angels cherish the love people have for each other. They fiercely protect it and guide it. It is important to understand that no matter who we are, angels have already accepted us.

So today as you go about your tasks, take a minute to look out your window and accept the world around you. Our brothers and sisters in spirit already have. Be proud of who you are and be proud of the sweetness of your life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Angel Bio - Camael: The Monk

Angel of Unconditional Love and Nature

Cameal is an angel of nature and all that comes with it. Though nature can be both kind and cruel, Camael is a more understanding presence. He works mainly to support the protection and conservation of the planet. If you want an Eco-friendly angel, Camael is your guy.  As an angel of unconditional love he is far more forgiving and does not approve of the extreme methods some organizations take.
  Though Camael may seem like a push over it just isn't true. Ever try to push out a huge oak tree? Yeah, that is Camael. He might not openly confront you but if he stands in your way you will not be able to get through. His energy can be calm, grounded, and peaceful. Likewise these are what he can help you to gain. Camael is really a zen angel and a great mentor in that department.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angelic Realms

Angels operate on another plane of existence, along with many other beings. There are certain pieces of the astral that they have claimed for themselves. Some angels have sculpted their ideal homes in these patches of astral realty. But its not only a home, it can be anything from a house to an entire country or world. Because the astral and other planes of existence are not limited by physical laws, these realms can be as expansive as the beings want. Angels love visitors, so being invited to their patch of the astral can be fun and exciting.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Choirs of Angels

No, not the high pitched 'hallelujahs' kind of choir. A Choir, in angelic terms, is a rank or group of angels. These groups perform different functions in the Universe. 

Seraphim is the highest choir of angels. They are attendants and guardians of the Universe(or God). They are said to have six wings.

Cherubim are the second highest rank of angel. they are protectors of the sacred. 

Thrones are the third highest rank of angels. They are angels of humility and peace. The lower Choirs access the Universe through 

Dominions are middle rank angels. They hand down and manage the duties of the choirs below them.

Virtues are a middle rank choir. They are angels of motion, the elements, and nature. 

Powers are middle rank angels that guard the Universe from evil. They are especially good at warding off bad spirits. 

Archangels are the most frequent angels mentioned. They are messengers between Deity and humans in times most needed. 

Principalities are those angels that watch over countries, those that govern, and the behavior of society. 

These angels are the closest to the material world. They are the ones that come into contact with humans the most often. They carry prayers to Deity and answers from Deity back to humanity.    

All the choirs serve different functions and some angels have multiple ranks, along with multiple functions. Angels aren't limited to angels when working either. They have been known to work with faery, dragons, and other spirits. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All White Robes and Gold Halos?

When you start getting to really know angels, that image of flowing white robes and gold halo goes right out the window. They are all so wonderfully unique, with their own tastes and personalities you really can't give them all the same look. Angels appears different for every person, mostly because we can't really understand their true forms or nature. So our minds fill in the blanks by giving them appearances that we can grasp and that relays something about them to us using the language of metaphor. Most non-physical beings work this way, and it helps human understand and accept them.

I keep a sketchbook of drawings I have done of the angels I have met. They are all as different as we are and I hope people can learn to appreciate that.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Angel Bio - Ambriel: Who Needs a Sugar High?

Angel of Communication and Light

  When you were a kid, did you ever have pixie sticks? Little paper tubes full of flavored sugar that everyone went crazy for. You would have a few and literally be bouncing off the walls with glee before you started crashing. Well working with Ambriel is like downing 5 pixie sticks, only the rush never really goes down. Ambriel is the angel of communication, she helps to make things clear. She is also an angel of light, which is yet another way to make things clear. She has a peppy attitude and sweetness to rival any childhood candy.
  To those that need help with divination, astral projection, or meditation just call on Ambriel to help you through. She especially loves crystals and colors, so if you are wanting some added oomph try incorporating those into your work. If you are having a hard time, feel sad, or just can't quite get your groove back ask Ambriel to help you out. No one can be sad when wearing a rainbow of colors or sucking on skittles. Taste the rainbow!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Angel Bio- Uriel: Grumpy Pants

I'm going to begin a new segment here called angel bio. In these posts I will share a little bit about a particular angel. I'll tell you a bit about what they do, how they are to work with, and some experiences I have had with them. Hopefully you will come to love these guys as much as I do.

Angel of Retribution and Prophecy

  Uriel is , above all else, steady and sturdy. He has a little bit of a grumpy side, but his heart is big enough to fit a yacht. Don't get me wrong, he keeps it buried ... deep. Uriel is the angel of thunderstorms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. I believe for this reason he is also an angel of prophecy. This gloomy-Gus is patron to those that possess psychic gifts, especially predictions and visions. Divination is something he doesn't particularly align himself with, but aids those that do. 
  My first experience actually communicating with this angel wasn't exactly rainbows and sunshine. Strong, silent type is an understatement with Uriel. It took me a while to get anything out of him but stern stares and pursed lips. Once I figured out his secret, it was much easier to get him to lighten up. Lighten up being a term for getting him to stop staring at me. And I have been told that if I tell his 'secret' the staring will return in force.  If you want to talk to Uriel, try using some tarot cards. Or sit out in a thunderstorm.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Whining and Wanting

Sometimes when we want things we don't get them. Sometimes we need to do things ourselves.

Me: "Raphael...I have cramps, please help me."
Raphael: *smile* "You know you don't really need me."
Me:  "But it hurts.."
Raphael:  *smile* "It won't hurt forever."
Me: *pout*
Raphael:  *smile*


Messages from the angels are not always upfront and clear. Sometimes the "white ram" could be the white dodge truck that parks across the street from your office window. Like many things in religion, angels use metaphor when dealing with people. Some more than others.Here is an example from my life.

Around 2 years ago I was meditating, trying to calm and relax my mind. This was before I began talking to angels in a more simple and direct way. During my meditation I struck up a conversation with angel Cassiel. We hadn't talked for a bit and I had just finished a great book about angels. When our conversation was nearing a close I asked him, "All right. Just so I know I'm not crazy, could you give me a sign that I'm not crazy?"  Cassiel replied without hesitation even as I was finishing up the question, "Black dragon." And with that, he was gone.
Well I stretched and went about my day. During the afternoon had a craving to visit my local new age store. Yes, dragons are probably a dime a dozen in there so how can that count? You'll see.  As I was browsing the books two ladies came into the store and went straight to the counter to look at jewelry. I didn't pay much attention to them. They talked to the store owner and looked at jewelry. I really didn't think much of it until suddenly I felt the strangest sensation. My mind zoned out, my senses got fuzzy just for a second. Then I heard the word 'dragon.' My attention was caught and I listened to the women. One woman was explaining that she was creating a dragon sculpture out of tires for her yard. I got the visualization of this tire dragon, black and beaming in the woman's yard. I sighed and smiled all at once. I gave props to Cassiel for his craftiness and keep my mind open for signs from the angels.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No One Trick Ponies Here!

It is a common misconception that angels are an exclusively Christian concept. The idea of a messenger of Deity, or even a winged one, is not a new idea. Depictions of winged men and women have been seen in many other faiths, also termed 'messengers.' In fact most faiths have divine messengers within their teachings. This is why angels can spread out to connect with a person from almost any spiritual practice. Whether the person is a witch, buddhist, christian, pagan, or muslim, the angels will be there to connect with them. 

Angel of Halloween

If there is an angel of misfits, angel Cassiel would be it. Cassiel is an angel of protection that is there to comfort the oppressed and bring peace to those that grieve. His associations are very dark and when he appears he seems steeped in shadows. It can be scary to meet this particular angel, at least at first. But there is something he absolutely loves. Halloween!

Cassiel is a true gothic angel. His favorite places are gothic churches and cemeteries, with candle light. But during Halloween, he is truly in his element. As a 'darker' angel, Cassiel revels in the time that he can share his love of horror films, otherworldly beings, anime, and heavy metal music. This Halloween, light a candle for angel Cassiel and celebrate with him in this tricky time of year.

Enjoy Halloween with the angel.

Here are a few ideas:

-Make a batch of angel cookies and make them goth angels.

-Carve a pumpkin with an angel wing image and leave it out to attract Cassiel.

-Make an angel winged poppet and set them in a graveyard as a gift to the spirits.

-Create a ouija board and bless it in Cassiel's name.

-Dress up in your favorite gothic attire and have a horror movie night.

-On a rainy day, preferably on Halloween, go to a graveyard and collect rain water for use in spells involving ghosts.

-Make black paper cranes and decorate your home with them to invoke Cassiel's presence.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Angel and Spirit Communication

It can be difficult to differentiate between your thinking ego and the messages from spirits or angels. Over time you can learn to tell what experience is you and what is the spirit. The only draw back is when you believe everything told to you in a literal sense. If you do not learn to keep your guard up and and stay grounded you can begin to weave an energetic reality within your mind that can unbalance you. Being able to walk that fine line is an important skill. We are beings of spirit and flesh, so we need to be able to function in both. Instinct, common sense, and a skeptical eye can held guard against a literal take on what you encounter with spirits.

Here are a few tricks you can use to help weed out good spirits from bad and keeping grounded.

Testing spirits is a great way to find the difference between your ego and a spirit. Asking for signs is a usual method. The spirit may say, "look for a red flag" or may show you images to keep an eye out for. Alternatively you can ask it questions that not even you know. Example: "My new friend's middle name begins with what letter?" Its ok to test spirits, good ones understand your caution.

Name of Deity
Bad spirits are cautious of the names of Deity. Most can not stand to be around when people utter them. When used with a push of energy behind it the name of Deity can be used to ward off bad spirits. This is another way to test the spirits you come into contact with. It doesn't matter what name you use for Deity, if it is sacred to you it can be used this way.

Shields and Protection
If you keep your shields up and the protection on your home up to date then there is a good sign your spirit may not be bad. Neutral spirits and good spirits are not always susceptible to the protection we place in our home. Especially if our intention is to keep "those that wish harm" out. Make sure to keep your shields up and have a space that you protect from all spirits just so you can get some peace.

Researching about the spirit is the number one thing to do when you discover it talking with you. Everything it says should be recorded and checked to make sure it really has happened. Or if its telling you how things work in the afterlife, research who they are and if they have any room to talk.

Beware the False Spirit
Bad spirits can be very alluring and charismatic in how they approach us. They can take on any appearance or tone. Some will even mimic the other spirits around people and try to gain their trust. This is why testing is important, even after developing a bond with a particular spirit. Intoning a spirit's name can weed out a mimic from the true spirit. Also using the name of Deity can be useful in getting rid of disguised spirits.

Use of Names
Once you have the true name of a spirit it is easier to clear out the who is who. The best thing you can learn from a spirit is its name. Not only does this help in your research, but also in weeding out mimics.

During your life and path you may experience something with spirits that just feels a little 'off.' It is not exactly bad, but its as if what you are getting isn't the whole truth. Sometimes your shadow, the subconscious side of us that carries our doubts and fears, can manifest or interfere with your intuition. It can block or distract you from true communication. It can also push you further from a grounded, stable state of mind. Your shadow isn't bad or evil, it is simply manifesting our doubts, fears, and anger. Working through your emotional problems is the best way to keep yourself balanced and your shadow from interfering.
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