Monday, October 10, 2011

Angel Bio - Ambriel: Who Needs a Sugar High?

Angel of Communication and Light

  When you were a kid, did you ever have pixie sticks? Little paper tubes full of flavored sugar that everyone went crazy for. You would have a few and literally be bouncing off the walls with glee before you started crashing. Well working with Ambriel is like downing 5 pixie sticks, only the rush never really goes down. Ambriel is the angel of communication, she helps to make things clear. She is also an angel of light, which is yet another way to make things clear. She has a peppy attitude and sweetness to rival any childhood candy.
  To those that need help with divination, astral projection, or meditation just call on Ambriel to help you through. She especially loves crystals and colors, so if you are wanting some added oomph try incorporating those into your work. If you are having a hard time, feel sad, or just can't quite get your groove back ask Ambriel to help you out. No one can be sad when wearing a rainbow of colors or sucking on skittles. Taste the rainbow!

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