Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Angel Candle

A great way to honor and connect with angels is through a dedicated act. Such as making a commitment to communicating each day, creating something angel oriented each week, or making a little time to meditate every weekend. Here is a great way to show some commitment.

The Angel Candle

Get yourself a white unscented candle. Hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Touch the candle to your heart and think about what kind of angels you want to work with. In your mind say what energies and angel you'd like to come into your life. Imagine the candle vibrating with the intention of your heart. Open your eyes and place the candle in the space you most use or in the space you do your meditation or spiritual work. Every time you sit down to meditate, communicate, or do your angel centric deeds light the candle to add an extra ooph to your work.

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