Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Angels do not look the same for any two people. As I have said before, their appearances are completely dependent on you. It is not that they change how they look, it is simply how you perceive them to be. An angel's form will be translated by your heart and mind, so how you feel they look is a much greater factor to how they will appear to you.
  There are many accounts of what angels were supposed to look like. In one account the choir of cherubim were supposed to look like animals. They were any combination of an lion, ox, eagle, and a man. this doesn't sound very angelic, but instead you see these combination in myths. The most famous two being the Sphinx and the Winged Bull.
  Maybe if you dig deep you'll find that angels can appear however we need them to be. Male, female, animal, plant, it doesn't matter to then. As long as they can be with us they'll look like your old imaginary friend.

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