Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're Not Dancing Alone

When you think you are all alone, on top of the world but no one to share it with, you are wrong. Deity is always with you, around you, and within you. And because of this we are constantly surrounded by angels. Whether they are just going about their duties or we are their main focus. We are never alone.

So as you are sitting down to dinner, invite the angels to sit with you. Or if you want to go out to see a movie but always feel weird going alone, invite your angels along for the ride. Have a picnic, enjoy the spa, visit your favorite mall! Angels will invite themselves and others along for your ride. Want to curl up and watch horror movies at night? Why not? After all, angels love horror movies too. The fact is, they love us and love being around us. Why not invite them to be with you, not just around you?

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