Saturday, October 22, 2011

Protection of Archangel Michael

Protection of Archangel Michael
The angel Michael is a strong protector, helping to keep you and your loved ones safe. His medal can be used by christian, pagan, and many other paths alike. Here are a few different ways to bless and protect the things that matter most.

With a Michael medal or knife in hand go to the front door and make a star sign in the air in the door way. Say, "This place is blessed and protected by angel Michael."  Do the same to your back door. If you want to do the same to the windows and mirrors feel free.

Family or Other Person:
With a Michael medal in hand or your hand alone have the people being protected stand in front of you. Place your hand on their head and visualize angel wings embracing them. Say, "You are protected by archangel Michael. Be blessed."

The Car:
With a Michael medal i hand or with your hand alone sit in the care and make the star sign in the air in front of you. Visualize white light filling up the car and say, "Angel Michael, bless and protect all within. "

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