Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angels, Ghosts, and Your Home

  As Halloween draws closer activity in your home could be picking up. If your home has never had activity consider yourself lucky. Sometimes it can be fun if your visitor is friendly or quiet. It can also be scarey if the visitor is anything but friendly. As Halloween is the pinnacle of this activity it is best to wait to begin cleansing and cleaning your home. However, keeping protection on your family is a very good idea. Anointing them and yourself with cleansing oil, smudging people, and wearing blessed jewelry are all good ways to keep safe from uninvited guests. Even asking for the blessing of angel Cassiel, an angel who loves Halloween, can help protect your home.
  Once Halloween has passed try to smudge your home, bless it, protect it and left things settle. Hopefully it will return to a quiet place. Hang an angel ornament or crystal to keep your home just a bit lighter.

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