Friday, October 28, 2011

Unlocking Your Angels

Here is a section of the Angel Magick book I have been working on. Its been very busy so my time spent on it hasn't been very much. Hopefully during the winter I'll have more time to spend on writing this book. 

Unlocking Your Angels
As we experience life, we as individuals come to recognize that within our lives there are parts of ourselves we learn to unlock and make peace with. Through these experiences, we unlock our personal power and find balance. The same occurs with our angels. When you begin working with angels, you may notice it is difficult to speak and work with a few of them. This is because we as individuals, have recognized those angels as energies of an aspect of ourselves that we have yet to make peace with. But working with these angels can help us to help us heal. By opening ourselves to these angels, they bring us the peace to accept the aspect of ourselves they represent for us. With that being said, our angels are always there awaiting our call and wanting to be with us. They never hate us, nor fear us, nor judge us, they only wish for us to make peace with ourselves and our path in life.

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