Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angel of Halloween

If there is an angel of misfits, angel Cassiel would be it. Cassiel is an angel of protection that is there to comfort the oppressed and bring peace to those that grieve. His associations are very dark and when he appears he seems steeped in shadows. It can be scary to meet this particular angel, at least at first. But there is something he absolutely loves. Halloween!

Cassiel is a true gothic angel. His favorite places are gothic churches and cemeteries, with candle light. But during Halloween, he is truly in his element. As a 'darker' angel, Cassiel revels in the time that he can share his love of horror films, otherworldly beings, anime, and heavy metal music. This Halloween, light a candle for angel Cassiel and celebrate with him in this tricky time of year.

Enjoy Halloween with the angel.

Here are a few ideas:

-Make a batch of angel cookies and make them goth angels.

-Carve a pumpkin with an angel wing image and leave it out to attract Cassiel.

-Make an angel winged poppet and set them in a graveyard as a gift to the spirits.

-Create a ouija board and bless it in Cassiel's name.

-Dress up in your favorite gothic attire and have a horror movie night.

-On a rainy day, preferably on Halloween, go to a graveyard and collect rain water for use in spells involving ghosts.

-Make black paper cranes and decorate your home with them to invoke Cassiel's presence.

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