Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angel Bio - Michael: The Prep

Angel of Heaven and Victory

  Archangel Michael is by far the most well known angel. Not only does he receive saint status in Catholic churches but he is known as the angel who defeated Satan. Of course that is in the Judeo-Christian mythos. As an angel, he embodies light and all of his attributes are solar with one or two exceptions. You could definitely see Michael as that warrior in shining armor and blazing spear. Yet there is that other side to him, a kinder and funnier side.
  As far as personalities go, Michael is not only an athlete but also kind of a prep. He loves sports, combat, competition, and looking good. He would be that football quarter back sitting around joking with his buddies and pulling silly pranks once in awhile. When working with Michael, be aware that his energy can be quite potent and passionate. He loves people and his protective nature can fuel is solar associations. All in all, a sweet and kind angel with a warrior's spirit.

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