Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Choirs of Angels

No, not the high pitched 'hallelujahs' kind of choir. A Choir, in angelic terms, is a rank or group of angels. These groups perform different functions in the Universe. 

Seraphim is the highest choir of angels. They are attendants and guardians of the Universe(or God). They are said to have six wings.

Cherubim are the second highest rank of angel. they are protectors of the sacred. 

Thrones are the third highest rank of angels. They are angels of humility and peace. The lower Choirs access the Universe through 

Dominions are middle rank angels. They hand down and manage the duties of the choirs below them.

Virtues are a middle rank choir. They are angels of motion, the elements, and nature. 

Powers are middle rank angels that guard the Universe from evil. They are especially good at warding off bad spirits. 

Archangels are the most frequent angels mentioned. They are messengers between Deity and humans in times most needed. 

Principalities are those angels that watch over countries, those that govern, and the behavior of society. 

These angels are the closest to the material world. They are the ones that come into contact with humans the most often. They carry prayers to Deity and answers from Deity back to humanity.    

All the choirs serve different functions and some angels have multiple ranks, along with multiple functions. Angels aren't limited to angels when working either. They have been known to work with faery, dragons, and other spirits. 

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