Friday, October 14, 2011

Angel Bio - Camael: The Monk

Angel of Unconditional Love and Nature

Cameal is an angel of nature and all that comes with it. Though nature can be both kind and cruel, Camael is a more understanding presence. He works mainly to support the protection and conservation of the planet. If you want an Eco-friendly angel, Camael is your guy.  As an angel of unconditional love he is far more forgiving and does not approve of the extreme methods some organizations take.
  Though Camael may seem like a push over it just isn't true. Ever try to push out a huge oak tree? Yeah, that is Camael. He might not openly confront you but if he stands in your way you will not be able to get through. His energy can be calm, grounded, and peaceful. Likewise these are what he can help you to gain. Camael is really a zen angel and a great mentor in that department.

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