Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silence Broken

As many know, the events in Colorado movie theater, have shaken many peoples' nerves. Fear and saddens swept through everyone yesterday and while some are still suffering in grief or pain, we pray that they are comforted.
After getting up yesterday I read the story on and my heart sank. I went about my day and on my way to the store Cassiel appeared. He was sad, but he maintained his expression and tried to comfort me as well. I hadn't directly spoken to the angels in over two weeks until yesterday. I asked him where his brothers and sisters were. Cassiel patted my back and said they were with the people in Colorado, trying to ease the burden. I know the angels are with the families of the dead and injured, not to mention do what they can for the people involved.
If your heart is still sunk, Cassiel will be there to help you and so will all the angels.
Healing thoughts....

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