Friday, July 6, 2012

Using Song - Cleansing my room

Today an old friend is coming in to visit. We don't get many visitors so I wanted to try and cleanse my office, which is where he will be sleeping. I didn't feel like trying to cleanse with the LBRP because, let's face it, it is so formal. So, with my new angel-horn bell-rattle in hand I started up a little song. Turning to the east I shoot my bells and closed my eyes. I visualized the rising sun, the soft warm colors of the sky and rang my bells. They are soft and gentle, the type of bells you can find in craft stores. I took a breath and held the image of the dawn. Then I started thinking of the angel Raphael, healer and angel of the east. Here is what I came up with (I paraphrase, since I was winging it):
"Raphael, come from the East.
Dawn light cleanse this space.
Angels of the dawn, come through this place.
Fill and cleanse it of darker things.
Raphael, angel of the East,
fill us with your energy.
Dawn rises and I embrace,
its cleansing energy."

Now as I sit in my office, I feel very calm and happy. I know that the angels are helping to circulate the energy of my home.

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