Sunday, October 7, 2012

Angel Bio - Cassiel : Solitary Guardian

Solitary Guardian

Cassiel is not an angel you hear a lot about. He is the guardian of the oppressed, the comforter of the crying, and the angel to call upon in the midst of those stormy nights. As angel of solitude and tears, Cassiel is a gentle angel that wants to help those in need. At first he can be scary as lurking in the dark and coming out under moonlight is his motif. But he is a kind spiritual being that helps up stand up against our inner fears and doubts. Cassiel especially loves Halloween. The costumes, the revelry, and the running around as the veil is thinnest all excite him. As the angel of the planet Saturn, his is associated with the earth and time.
In magick, Cassiel loves to work in protection rituals and spells. He is also good to have in working with your shadow aspect. Cassiel is a good companion and his energies are soft and subtle. He is a shoulder to cry on and a guardian to rely on.

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