Friday, May 11, 2012

Ambriel, Weddings, and Divine Intervention

I am submitting a blurb about one of our favorite angels, Ambriel this may! As May is her favorite month, it is a good time. If you do not know, I was engaged to a great guy December 10th, 2010. Well, on May 5th 2012 we were married. The moment I got engaged, I put Iophiel, angel of beauty and celebration in charge of planning my wedding. I knew that if I left it in her hands we would have a great time. Well 4 months from our wedding date I was just over whelmed! I was getting completely out of sorts. So the weekend of my bridal shower, a full month and two weeks before the wedding, a random occurrence occurred! Our previous caterer had an injury and had to pass us along to another caterer. Well, that caterer completely saved our wedding reception! He swooped in and was able to take care of everything from the tables to the dishes, to the centerpieces, to the great food. It was perfect. This great caterers last name, I found out, is Bast. At hearing that I was floored. Bast being one of the three goddesses that came forth to claim me as her own. I have no doubt the goddess came to save my day. And the weather on my date was absolutely brilliant! Not too hot, not too cold. Just enough sunlight for pictures, sweet breeze, and plenty of greenery. I am very grateful to the God, Goddess, and angels for all the hard work that was put into making my wedding the most perfect day.

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