Sunday, August 12, 2012

Angel Bio - Gabriel: The Herald

Angel of Divine Messages 

One of the most well known angels, its not hard to conjure the image of Gabriel. Usually with a golden horn in tow. The image can be a bit intimidating and so can his messages. But Gabriel isn't all business all the time. Though it can seem like it, if you have an honest heart and are really honest with yourself he tends not to be so frightful. 'Try your hardest' is his motto and as long as you hold to it there is more than enough reassurance under his big fluffy wings.
  As a herald of divine messages, Gabriel is associated with prayer, communication, careers, and more. He is a guide to help people find their true calling and go for it. If you are looking for your purpose or your vocational, ask Gabriel for help. Like a GPS, Gabriel knows where you are at all times and knows where you are going. Just ask for the inspiration and he will point the way. 

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