Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming Harvests and a Silent Pause

As we approach the harvest festivals the themes of sacrifice, death, and rebirth are called up. While not the most uplifting topic to ponder, it does help put things in perspective. And with so many tragedies coming through the world, a moment of silent thought is sometimes called for. But it doesn't need to be frightful or sad. Like all other things, there are angels that were given roles to help with the transition. Cassiel, angel of tears, is the quiet comforter of the sorrowful and oppressed. Cameal, angel of unconditional love, helps us find peace and acceptance. The most feared angels though, are the angels of death. Yet Azrael is the first to come to the aid of the grieving and bring as much comfort as he can. The angels don't get to choose their duties and have enough patience to help us deal with our fears. In a time of coming winter, give a pause to thank these angels for doing more for us than we can imagine.

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