Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gabriel Moon-Wishing Spell

Gabriel Moon-Wishing Spell

-bowl of water
-three silver coins

Creating a clear line of communication between the Universe and yourself

Place the bowl of water on the windowsill or table where the moonlight can shine on it. On a full moon, take three silver coins and hold them in your hand. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Visualize archangel Gabriel before you. He seems to glow in the moonlight. Visualize him lifting his hands toward the full moon as it's light brightens, revealing all of the hidden spaces in the night. Hold your coin and seem them being chargd by the moon's light. When they are charged open your eyes. Say,

"The full moon rises in the dark of night,
Blessings are made through this prayer
Gabriel the angel my path does light,
Now I walk without fear."

Drop one coin into bowl.

"The first is for clarity in my future dreams,
Guiding me to insights I could not before see."

Drop next coin into water.

"The second is for truth which I will speak,
And truth that I always will seek."

Drop third coin into water.

"The third is for guidance that I can learn,
From the angels messages I do yearn."

Take a deep breath and see Gabriel in your mind. Relax and say,

"Thanks to the moon's blessing shine,
Thanks be to the angels in this time. 
Blessed be!"

Let the coins soak until dawn. Take them out of the water and keep them on your person to attract the energy called for in the spell.

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