Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mabon: Good Spirits Give Thanks

This is a small ritual to celebrate Mabon, the sabbat of thanksgiving and transition. Enjoy!


  • 4 white candles 
  • 1 glass bowl
  • lighter
  • bread, fruit, and other feast item
  • glass of juice or water
  • table and chairs

Place one candle in each direction. In the center set up a table with atleast two chairs, one for you and one empty. More chairs can be added if you like. Set the bowl out and put food into it. All kinds. Light your candles.

Face the east and east-candle. Close your eyes, say:

"To the East comes Raphael, angel of healing, and with him stand all the good spirits of healing."

Visual Raphael, the healing angel, surrounded by bright happy faces of many other good spirits. These are spirits of all kinds, animals, plants, and all help to heal. Conjure up all the happy memories you have had over the summer months. When you feel that joy open your eyes and turn to the south. Face the south, close your eyes, and say:

"To the South comes Michael, angel of protection, and with him stride all the good spirits of guardianship."

Visualize Michael in his gleaming armor and sword in hand. Beside him seems to stand a vast army of all types. From grand predator animals to faery. Think over those times where you may have needed the protection or channeled that protective energy in the past summer months. When you have conjured up that feeling, open your eyes. Face the west, close your eyes, and say:

"To the West comes Gabriel, angel of guidance, and with him walk all the good spirits of counsel."

Visualize Gabriel with his cool colored robes, scroll in hand. He walks beside men, women, and spirits of intellect and guidance. These are the spirits of sound decision and understanding. Remember the times that you may have needed the guidance or have been the guide of another person in your life. When you have this memory in your mind, open your eyes. Face the north, close your eyes, and say:

"To the North comes Ariel, angel of nature, with her rest all the good spirits of nature."

Visualize Ariel, angel of nature, surrounded by the great forests. Around her are animals, faery, and good spirits connected to the Earth. The walk a path of balance with nature. Draw to mind the moments over the past summer where you have been struck by the peace and beauty of nature. Whether it was staring at a beach or spotting an elusive animal for the first time. Take a minute to relive that awe. When it had sunk into your heart, open your eyes. Turn to the center and approach your table. Pull out both chair. Stand before your table and raise your cup, as if making a toast. As you relive each happy moment, let the positive energy fill you up. Say:

"I give thanks to the influence of the angels and all goodly spirits. I share my bounty with those that have aided in its harvesting. Blessed be!"

Sit down at your table and partake of the food. Leave some for the spirit. When you are ready to finish up. Extinguish each candle, saying at each one:

"Go if you must, stay if you will. Blessed be."

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