Monday, November 12, 2012

Angel Bio- Azrael : Angel of Death and Transitions

Angel of Death and Transition

Not a very pretty topic to discuss. Yet, it doesn't need to be scary. The idea of mortality can be intimidating, even terrifying. This is why one of the most gentle and loving angels is set to the task of bringing us out of life. Azrael, the angel of death, is the most cherished friend any of us could ask for. He comes to us during times of change and uncertainty, not only when our time in this world is over. Azrael has seen the best and worst of people yet can still show us his bittersweet, sad smile when we look up into his face. Truly a friend to any who would seek out this angel's guidance.
Azrael's energy is subtle and expansive. Very much like the air we breath, he can step up beside us within the span of a heart beat. Like a shadow, he is there at every turn and footstep yet only when we are ready will he come to us. There is no fear with this angel, only a comfort that we can't fully understand until we feel it.

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