Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three Time Blessing Spell

A three times blessing spell for your winter time care. You'll need..

One green candle, one gold or yellow candle, one white candle.
Candle holders

Set the three candle in a row. You can decorate the space with angel art, crystals, or statues. Set out some beautiful ribbons or even a flower to bring that positive energy in. Take a minute to invite the angels into your space. When you area ready light the green candle and say..

"Oh healing angels in emerald light,
Bow the streams of energy towards me,
Where I can bask in this healing glow,
To warm my body from the cold."

Light the gold/yellow candle and say...

"Oh generous angels in golden light,
Lift up my burdens and let me rise,
In time of need you guide my way,
To greater gifts and blessings stayed."

Light the white candle and say....

"Oh guarding angel of great bright light,
Surround my body with your protection,
Hold my body, spirit, and my heart,
So no one will break it all part."

Clap your hands twice and continue.

"Three times three these blessings are made,
In tender love and in honesty.
So let it be,
So let it be."

Keep safe and warm!!

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