Sunday, February 2, 2014

Angel Divination Circle

Angel Divination Circle

-black pepper
-poppy seeds
-large cleanable surface
-divination tool of choice

Take a handful (or small cups full) of black pepper and hold it in your hands. Think of the angel Uriel. Visualize Uriel standing before you. His energy radiates heat and the smell of earth. Hold that visualization as you use the pepper to make a large circle on your surface. Once that is done, place the cup to the side. Hold that visualization of Uriel and say,

"I call the archangel Uriel to my circle."

Pick up the poppy seeds and hold them in your hands. Relax and visualize energy flowing from the earth into the seeds and from the air into the seeds. They glow with the energy of the Universe. Take a pinch of seeds and place them on your tongue. Use the rest of the seeds to form a circle on the outside of the pepper circle. Go slowly as the seeds could jumble a bit more. When you are ready, hold your divination tool in your hands. Take a deep breath and say,

"The Universe fills with energy. The energy moves through me. May archangel Uriel open the way to truth."

Do your normal reading within the circle. Ask questions directly to Uriel. When you are done, thank Uriel. Brush the pepper and seeds into the trash.

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