Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Angel Bio - Leliel : Nightingale

Angel of Night

When I first began working with angels, I started connecting with angels that were popular or ateast written about more often. The archangels in particular are a pretty common subject of writing. I delved into getting to know them. It wasn't until years later when I began looking at this type of spirit work seriously that I began to look for less popular angels to connect with. This led me to Leliel. I began connecting with Leliel when I glimpsed a new spirit in my half awake state as I was falling asleep. I was beginning the long cycle of blurry thoughts when a figure moved past my mind's eye. I started awake just in time to see this shadowy figure disappear. I returned to sleep and thought nothing  of it. The next day I began my research on who this being could be. I felt in my gut it was an angel, so off to relevant associations I went. This angel came to me in my sleep and dreams, but I don't think it meant to be seen. Atleast in as much as it didn't mind if I did notice it. I came upon Leliel and knew this name was familiar. I meditated to meet her and it has been a good relationship since.
  Leliel is angel of the night, dreams, and conception. She has a subtle and quiet energy about her. When I connect with her I am brought to stand on the top of a grassy hill over looking gently rolling fields. The sky is midnight blue and full of stars while a ghostly mist lingers at the bottoms of the hills. It is beautiful, peaceful, and mysterious. Leliel is like this atmosphere and appears from the dark like an ancient medicine man. Leliel can be called upon to help with issues involving sleep and dreams. She can also be sought for help in conception. Over all Leliel is a quiet and patient angel.

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