Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things that go bump...

There are many types of spirits. Angels are merely part of the larger group of beings that function on another plane of reality. That being said, not all spirits are friendly. And some are down right negative. When you find yourself in a bad situation with these types of spirits the best thing to do is walk away. But what if they don't leave you be?

Then it is time for some angelic protection. In all things, Michael is the #1 angel of protection. He protects against almost everything except for in-laws. Asking Michael for help is simple and takes a moment. After asking, visualize his light surrounding you and your home. Archangel Michael candle are sold in many places. I found mine at walmart. If you want an added boost of energy, buy a few and light one after dark. Ask Michael to fill your home with his energy.

Other angels for other things...

Negative Ghosts- Azrael: archangel Azrael is an angel of death. This places him in the unique situation to be able to confront the unhappy dead. Azrael is not cruel or spiteful, but ushers the dead into their rightful places.

Negative Faery/Fae- Ariel: Faery are linked very closely to nature and humans. Ariel is a force of nature in herself and is willing to move in between pestering nature sprites and people.

Shadow people- Cassiel: While not all shadow people are bad, there are some that give off that negativity. Cassiel is a protecting angel. He especially doesn't want up to be afraid or oppressed in our own homes. Call on Cassiel to deal with distinguishing what a shadow person is and how best to protect you.

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