Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Celebration Spell

Spring Celebration Spell


  • yellow candle and fire proof holder
  • angel statue or paper cutout of angel
  • colorful ribbons
  • lighter
Hold the yellow candle in your hands and close your eyes. Imagine the fresh spring moving across the land. The plants are greening and blooming. The air is full of warmth and energy. The animals are awake, singing and enjoying the new sunlight. The sky is clear and turquoise blue. In this vision of spring, visualize the energy of spring as angels. They tend the grass, they fly along the breeze, they sit beside the trees, and most importantly they open their arms up to welcome the spring sunlight. They come in many colors and in many lights. See them sending their energy into the yellow candle. It shimmers with their radiant energy. 

Open your eyes and place your candle in its holder. Take your angel statue and hold it in your hands. In your mind thank the angels for their help in your life. Invite them to bring in the fresh energy of spring into your life. Set the angel down. Hold up the ribbons you have. Cut off a few strands of each color, or atleast 7-10 strands of ribbon total. Hold the strands in your hands and say,

"I celebrate this new season with color and light. May I be filled with the same."

Decorate your angel statue with the ribbons. You can add a dusting of glitter, flowers. or whatever you like. Light the candle and open up a few windows in your home. Let in the new air. If you like, you can do a little cleaning or meditating. Set your angel in the sunlight when possible to soak up the light.   

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