Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello and Good Day

When I first started looking into angels from a pagan perspective, I was scared. Scared that choosing a pagan path would make the angels angry or disappointed. So I looked up two angels I thought I would get along with and started talking. I talked with them all the time. Of course I was in 9th grade and it was a one-sided conversation. I would tell these two angels everything and anything I pleased. I never heard a peep, but it felt good to have someone listen. By 11th grade I was looking into my pagan path and angels were on the back burner. Only when I began my junior and senior year in college did my angel interest pick back up. In senior year I began talking with them again. And was I surprised when I began feeling intuitive responses. I'm not sure when I had been developing my intuition but it had come along enough to let me begin communicating with my long time friends. Now its hard to keep them out and more keep trying to catch my eye. So my advice to any angel lovers out there. Just talk, even if it is a one-sided affair. Just say 'good morning.'

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