Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not great, but ok

So, not a great day. Trying to meet new people in a new place can be both challenging and scary. For my husband, it can be upsettingly scary. So had a bit of a fight with him about hanging out with an online friend tomorrow. Now I just feel..blah in a bad way. I'm hoping rest cures it. But while showering who should pop up but Ambriel and Theliel.

Ambriel: "It'll be ok. And if tomorrow goes well, you'll shine!"
Me: "Thanks Ambriel. He just gets so paranoid. Maybe I'm just too trusting"
Theliel:"It only makes sense. You're too trusting. He's too paranoid. Between you you'll pop out the perfect kid."
Me: "Thanks Theliel.. i think."

I giggled and the angels took their leave. Their tasks done as soon as I cheered up. I know tomorrow will be better. I just want the blah to get out.

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