Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Travel Spell

Winter Travel Spell

Not many people know this but archangel Michael is the angel of snow.Yeah, surprising right? With the winter season coming right along and the potential for bad and cold weather I thought I would include a little charm to help keep everyone safe. Before you travel in the morning or go on a longer ride, stand by your car with your keys in hand. Take a deep breath and call on Michael. Thank him for protecting you as you go on your way today. Then hold up your keys and jingle them so they make a pleasing noise. You can jingle them in front of your car and imagine Michael surrounding your car with his energy. WHen you have the visualization in your mind say,

"With a jingle of keys,
Archangel Michael appease,
Through good times or foul,
His presence is found."

With your spell done get in, warm up, and get going!

Safe travels for everyone driving this winter!

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