Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winter Weather and Storms

With that change in the air, drop in temperature, and the quick coming sunset you can finally tell. Winter is coming. That means plenty of activity in malls, churches, and with families. For me this time of year is swept with activities and rushing around like crazy. Emotions are effected by the change in light and weather. The energy in the air is still and cold, causing people to huddle within their homes. Some people are mentally effected by the weather and change. They can become easily depressed or emotional. It happens and is another way we see how the cycles of nature effect us.

Myself, I have started to feel the mental shift in my body. My emotions are on my sleeve and my energy can drop like a dime. Thankfully I have gone through a lot and learned so much. I think I'll be able to handle myself this winter just fine. I did end up driving two hours in the huge storm. From kentucky to Ohio. The drive down was wet and unpredictable. So in the midst of my drive down I asked Michael to help me get there and back home safely. Well, I did get there safely. Imagine my surprise when my husband began texting me about this huge storm that would be striking around the time I was planning to drive back. I left a bit early from kentucky and headed back home. Although I made it into Ohio before the storm hit, a huge traffic jam had me stuck. I fretted, hoping to avoid the storms. Yet when traffic finally let up I was stuck in the midst of the rain. Nervously I called to Michael. He was there, instantly. It was if he had been there all along, which he had, and only let me see him when I became scared. I asked many other angels for comfort as I drove home stressed and tired. Thank you angels!

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