Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Day at the Bazaar

So yesterday was the local UU church bazaar. I set up a table with a few paintings and information on the organizations I am part of. As am added bonus I was doing angel readings. I'm not sure why but I had been given clear inspiration to do them. So I was only a few table down from the tarot readers (which was awkward) and my reiki teacher a couple tables the other way. There I sat.

I ended up giving about five angel readings and talking about the different groups I was part of. People loved my paintings but not enough to buy them. Ah well. The important thing was that I gave the messages I needed to. On the first reading I could feel my head tingling and opening up. It was an amusing and weird feeling. I helped ground myself with reiki, so that did help. I had a lot of fun despite a terrible profit (i asked for a donation instead of a price for readings). Yay for the angels, and for cookies.

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