Monday, October 28, 2013

Spirit Collection Spell

Spirit Collection Spell - Angel of Death Retrieval

At this time of year the membrane that keeps people blind to spirits thin and people become aware of the unseen world around them. Many people could encounter animistic spirits, guides, or totems. Others experience their departed loved ones and ancestors. Then you have places that stir with unhappy or harmful ghosts. Those who departed with unhappiness in their hearts and stayed close to this plane of existence. For these spirits, who have done or want to do harm, a spell has been crafted to call upon the Angel of Death to guide these spirits homeward. 

  • Black or grey candle (and holder)
  • white paper
  • grey, silver, or black marker
  • fireproof bowl 
  • any decorations for altar
  • image or statue of the angel of death
  • small bag of salt 
Set up your altar for spell work. Place the candle in the center of your altar. Set your paper, salt, and marker close by. The representation of the angel should be in back of your candle, laying flat or at a safe distance from the flame. Place the fire proof bowl in front of the candle. Feel free to cleanse or smudge the area before you begin. 

Sit or stand before your space and bring your hands to your chest, above your heart. Take in a few deep breathes and close your eyes. Visualize Azrael, the angel of death, standing in front of you. If you feel intimidated by the angel ask that they give you a little room until you feel more comfortable. Hold the visualization of this angel and after a moment see them stand on the other side of the altar from you. When you feel their presence continue. Say,

"Oh angel of gentleness,
Most patient and kind,
Tonight I send you swiftly,
Restless spirits to find,
Guide them homewards,
To places that shine.
Where moonless nights,
Leave no one blind." 

Take up your paper and marker. Write the places that you or others have experienced unhappy spirits. These are the ones that may be harmful, overly mischievous, or be negatively effecting the living. You may not know which spirit is doing these things, so writing down the place and address (if possible) is ideal. This way the angel can tend to any of the spirits they need to. Once you have written the places fold them up. In your mind, imagine the place and once you can 'see'  it clearly, set the paper on fire with the candle. Place the burning paper in the bowl. You can do this for multiple places if you need to, even your own home to help cleanse it. Once you  are done relax and close your eyes. Address Azrael and kindly ask them to tend to these places. Thank them for their assistance and continue. 

Open your eyes and pick up the small bag of salt. Pour the salt over the burnt paper until they are completely covered. Using your finger draw a spiral from outside to the middle of the bowl. Pick up your angel representation and place it in the center of your salt spiral. Blow out your candle and say,

"All life moves steadily to one end. May Azrael guide the restless to the shining places."

Keep your angel up for atleast three days. You can perform this at any time of year. New moons work best and Samhain or Halloween are the most active. 

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