Sunday, October 13, 2013

No Labels

I meet very few pagans who freely experience angels outside of the Christian or Abrahamic thought. Not many feel 100% comfortable working with angels, even less in magick or rituals. But there is something to remember. Angels are privy to things that we as limited human beings are not. They see farther and longer than we could hope to at this time. In this way they don't serve a god so much as they do the Source. Source being the great energy, consciousness of the Universe. How one person sees Source is different from any one else. So the angels have no problem working with people who are in harmony with the Universe  and Source. My version of Source takes the form of gods, egyptian ones in fact. The angels have never told me that I was wrong or shouldn't worship the gods. They see things from a much clearer perspective. 
  So open up your hearts to the angels and start getting to know them. 

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