Monday, October 14, 2013

Spirit Guides Vs. Angels

There are many types of spirits and helpers. Spirit guides are very popular in the new age and metaphysical communities. Spirit guides are spirits of people who have passed, made peace with their deaths, learned from their lives, ascended, and decided to work as guides for other people. They have been human and can understand human experiences. They always seek to support their charge and help them grow spiritually.

Angels on the other hand are said to not have human experiences. Their energy is not the same as a human spirit or soul. However, recently in Angelic Pathways by Chantel Lysette, it was put out there that in history angels have incarnated as people. These lives that the angels incarnated as played such a huge, if not destructive, part in history that a human soul would be unable to take the burden of the experience in their afterlife. I am not entirely sure of that, but it is an interesting outlook. I don't believe in a hell, punishment for sin. I think all things happen for a reason and we all end up in the same place. Getting back on point...

Everyone has a spirit guide, if not more, just like everyone has an angel. They work great together and can work through each other as well. So if you are unsure about one, you can ask the other to work with them.

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