Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angelic Sigil Spell

Sigils are symbols created to focus and upon and be charged for a certain purpose. This sigil was created as a focus for communication with the angels. Around the outside in angelic script is a short prayer to the angels to open up the lines of communication and guide us. Then there are the names of some of the angels I have worked with. At the top is the name of archangel Michael, who is the commander of heaven. The symbol of life and magick, the ankh, sits between wings representing the angels as messengers of the Source.

To charge a sigil you print it and cut it out. Hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Ask the the angels to connect with you and help to raise your vibration to connect with them. Imagine that request as a ball of energy within your heart. Let it glow brightly as you focus on your request. After visualizing it becoming as bright as it can, imagine the ball moving from your heart, between your arms and down into your hands. Once there it flattens and merges into the sigil.

Now that the sigil is charged you can place it where its energy will flow best. Or you can burn it and let the energy move into the Universe.

Places to put the sigil:
-under the bed
-inside a stuffed animal
-Inside a pillow or sachet
-on your altar
-under your favorite angel statue


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